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ECOPRO GLOBAL HUNGARY Zrt. ("The Company"), which was established in Hungary in January 2022. ECOPRO GLOBAL HUNGARY Zrt. is owned by ECOPRO GLOBAL Co. Which is a 100% subsidiary of EcoPro BM. The Company will manufacture cathode active materials for rechargeable batteries in Debrecen.

Based on the infinite future growth potential of lithium ion secondary cells, such as electric vehicles (EV), electric energy storage systems (ESS), uninterruptible power supply (UPS), smart grids, and ones for aerospace, medical and military purposes, ECOPRO GHU will grow into a core material company that makes Hungary the leader of next-generation battery market.

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    Jan, 2022


    Chang Sun-dong

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Business Area

  • Cathode Active Material

    Cathode is a core material that determines the charging capacity and lifespan of lithium secondary cells. The next-generation cathode active material of ECOPRO GHU has overcome the volume limit and has cost competitiveness.

  • Precursor

    The precursor is an intermediate product prior to the synthesis of cathode materials, and is an important material that determines the performance, price, and quality of cathode materials. ECOPRO GHU stably provides its best performing products with Korea’s only batch production line for precursors and cathode materials.

  • Carbonate Grinding and Drying

    Lithium carbonate, used as an additive to manufacture lithium-ion battery electrodes. Crushing and drying, moisture content less than 100 ppm, average diameter of 2.5 mm

  • Lithium Hydroxide Fine Powder

    Lithium hydroxide pulverization used as a material for lithium-ion battery anode active material Processing and refining, averaging 20 μm in diameter, not more than 100 ppb of magnetic material