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Lithium Material

ECOPRO GHU as a leading player in the lithium material, also known as the "white petroleum," in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Even as we speak, the world is working to ensure that we pass on clear skies and a clean planet to future generations.. We are making various efforts to prevent global warming. As part of the plan, it is considered an eco-friendly vehicle instead of diesel and gasoline vehicles, an internal combustion engine. Electric vehicles with lithium batteries are emerging as a powerful solution.

EcoPro GHU was Develops the manufacturing and processing technology of lithium compounds, a key material for lithium batteries. I have secured a value chain for lithium batteries.

Crushing and drying of ultra-pure carbonate and lithium hydroxide, currently used in eco-probim, etc. And we manufacture and supply lithium nickel oxide, an electrode additive. EcoProinnovation also makes battery-grade lithium hydroxide from low-purity lithium. Securing lithium resources, a key ingredient in the fourth industry, and completing the process technology. We are also working on securing the technology for waste lithium recyclables.

Main business areas

  • Carbonate Grinding and Drying

    Lithium carbonate, used as an additive to manufacture lithium-ion battery electrodes. Crushing and drying, moisture content less than 100 ppm, average diameter of 2.5 mm

  • Lithium Hydroxide Fine Powder

    Lithium hydroxide pulverization used as a material for lithium-ion battery anode active material Processing and refining, averaging 20 μm in diameter, not more than 100 ppb of magnetic material