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Privacy Policy Consent

Processing principles

We receive reports of solicitation or misconduct by our employees. The identity of all Whistleblowers will be strictly protected.

If the report is not based on clear facts or infringe on an individual's privacy, It might not be conducted.

Privacy Policy Consent

1. Purpose and use of collected personal information
 A. EcoPro GHU shall use the collected personal information for the following purposes
 - Purpose of providing counselling service (Identification of personal information, and to answer reports)
 B. EcoPro GHU will not use the collected personal information for any purpose other than the above, except in the case of related laws or with prior consent.
2. Personal information and collection methods
 A. Personal information
 - Name : Identification
 - Phone Number, E-mail address : To answer reports
 - No other optional personal information is collected
 B. Collection methods
 If you check the check box below “Privacy Policy Consent”, it will be considered that you have agreed to collect personal information
 C. Etc.
 The Consent is related to the collection or use of personal information for the provision of counseling services, and if you disagree, you may not be provided with the service.
3. Retention of personal information
 A. Ecopro GHU may retain the personal information provided by the user for 1 years from the date of the report to manage the counseling record

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